Dog Breeding for Pet Owners

Are you thinking of breeding? It’s a rewarding experience, but there’s a lot to do to maintain the happiness and health of the mother and produce a beautiful, bouncing litter. 

Each breed is different, and you’ll want to consider your dog’s temperament, genetics, and overall health before commencing. 

We can support you by pinpointing your dog’s fertile period. We do this through multiple tests, a blood test or swabbing vaginal cells. Additional tests, including a thyroid analysis, should be performed on your dog before estrus (mating). These tests can rule out any potential problems or alert you to issues that need to be addressed before breeding.

Most animals give birth without any complications. However, mothers occasionally need help with delivery. We usually attempt to resolve the problem using medical therapy first, but when that doesn’t solve the issue, we will perform a caesarean section.

Our team can also provide you with a solid understanding of pregnancy care and answer any questions.

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